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    I have been interested in science and visual arts since I was a child. After completing my bachelor's degree in microbiology and immunology at UBC, I worked in the video game industry as a designer briefly. During my time as a designer, I had the opportunity to see some of the latest design principles and technology used for the entertainment business. However, it occurred to me that many of the cutting-edge concepts and designs used in the video game industry are not broadly applied in the field of scientific education. By utilizing these concepts, I believe it is possible to create exciting scientific education material that can attract public's attention while delivering the essential information efficiently. For this reason, I refocused my career path to biomedical visualization. During my time as a microbiology student and game designer, I've met many brilliant and inspiring individuals who make me a firm believer in collaborations. Therefore, to the visitors of this website, it does not matter if you are an educator, a researcher, an artist or experts in any other field. As long as you have a project in mind where I can be of service, please do not hesitate to contact me, and let's collaborate!

    Education  top

    University of Toronto
    Master of Science in Biomedical Communications
    Expected graduation year: 2015

    University of British Columbia
    Bachelors of Science, Major in Microbiology and Immunology
    Graduation year: 2011

    Work Experience top

    Runewaker Entertainment Game Designer                                                                      October 2011 - June 2012

  • Designed and produced special event mini-games
  • Quickly learned LUA scripting system
  • Coordinated with multiple departments to rapidly improve project designs within deadlines

  • Miniature Artist/Modeler                                                                                                                October 2005-2011

  • Provided top quality paintwork
  • Maintained client satisfaction through dependable after-sale communication and support
  • Actively learned, experimented, and attempted new techniques and media
  • Specialized in painting with high accuracy (under 1 millimeter)

  • UBC Eltis Lab Research Assistant                                                                                        June - December 2010

  • Performed transformations of Rhodococcus jostii and tracked mutant growth in time course studies
  • Extracted bacterial protein and analyzed results through SDS-PAGE
  • Performed TLC test to evaluate in-vitro enzyme activities
  • Simultaneously completed multiple experimental procedures through careful time management

  • MRI Human Arm Modeling Project Image Analyst                                                              August - December 2008

  • Quickly familiarized with MRI analysis/modeling software
  • Accurately identified human muscle components in the MRI images

  • UBC Moritz Lab Research Assistant                                                                                          January - April 2008

  • Created illustrated tutorials for training manual and presentations
  • Constructed experimental UV LED circuit device.
  • Inspected and selected tadpole embryos for experimentation using dissection microscope
  • Created confocal microscopy slides by cryosectioning and florescent antibody labeling
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