Ebola vs Influenza

Battle of the Viruses

The latest outbreak of Ebola1 in 2014 has caused great panic and worldwide media coverage; the amplitude of concern outweighed the reality of the circumstances for many individuals. However, people and the media often overlook a sinister party lurking closer to home. In your playgrounds. In the air. In. Fluenza 2. It is the Battle of the Viruses where we size up the contenders: Ebola and Influenza.

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What do the viruses look like?


Ebola Transmission Flu Transmission
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Symptom Duration and Frequency Chart

*Influenza symptom frequency is based on the H5N1 type       **Ebola symptom frequency is based on data from the Zaire, Sudan, Guinae, and Congo outbreaks
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Protective Equipment General Precautions
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How are vaccines developed?


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